President’s Message

Issued: 22 March 2021

Thirty-five years ago, our family purchased one of the first John Deere 180 garden tractors in our community, just like this one now finding a restful second life in my grandson’s local playground, to his delight. Our 180 still prattles about the property doing all that I ask of it despite some 3,000 hours logged to date. Keeping it clean, covered, serviced and thanks to its rugged Kawasaki engine, our 180 has soldiered on well beyond its working life expectancy. The industry keeps pumping out newer models, each with incremental improvements in design and performance but powered by the same internal combustion engine (ICE) platform.

More recently garden tractor manufacturers have responded to customer and regulatory calls for cleaner, quieter and safer models. At last, in response to the same external forces, all-electric riding mowers are becoming available and competitively priced.

I look forward to bringing home what still will be the only all-electric utility garden tractor, our OX2. Because it will do such more than mow the lawn. The OX2 is also ‘designed to evolve’. This means that as new features become available, your OX2 can be upgraded to give you all the performance and operating ease of the newest model leaving the factory.

While the world pandemic set our launch plans back, it has given us time to benefit from some of the latest enabling technology. Our current prototype is equipped with battery advances, e-traction motors and power electronics not found in the last round of our development program.

For example, the new drive motors for the independent rear wheel configuration are proving to perform better and at lower cost than the German, British and Chinese motors previously tested. Better still is that the new motor technology sourced virtually from across town. The motors are also three times the power output found on our original OX model.

Can you expect to get thirty-five years or more of delight from the Electric OX2?

If it receives the loving care it will deserve, then whether it remains in your possession or finds a new home over the years, we will be surprised it is doesn’t! The lifetime cost of ownership of the OX2 and its resale value anytime along the way will pleasantly surprise those whose reference point for a garden tractor is the internal combustion engine.

Our goal with the OX2 is to put more joy in your work around your property for a long time.

Your neighbors are sure to remark how much quieter and cleaner your new electric tractor is. Just think, better community relations as you green the planet.

According to the Chinese zodiac this is the year of the OX. We will have our heads down and hands busy completing our development program. Next year will be the year of the TIGER, devoted to you pouncing on the ease and utility of the Electric OX2 about your property and in your pocketbook.

Please return to our website for updates on our progress.

Thanks for visiting Electric Tractor.

Don Carr,