The End of Obsolescence

The ‘Evolvable’ Tractor

As man has evolved, so too will our Electric Tractor. The Electric Tractor’s new modular design was conceived to ease the assembly process and improve quality control during the manufacturing process.

Then Eureka!

What we discovered was an opportunity to introduce a profoundly new concept in tractors…one that offers enhanced performance and extended working life as improvements are introduced on future model years.

Here’s how:
Major components and software features can be upgraded to current model capability. The Electric Tractor OX2 will be fully upgradeable, making obsolescence obsolete. As our R&D brings new products to market, ‘evolvable’ technology will be top of mind.

OX2 owners benefit from a lower lifetime cost of ownership and a longer operating life by virtue of its ability ‘to evolve’ your tractor model to the latest performance features.