The Company


The Company

Electric Tractor Inc. (ETi) is a private corporation registered in Ontario, Canada. We design, build and market small, battery-powered tractors for indoor and outdoor use.

Our first electric tractor was created by a team of farm implement mechanics and computer software whiz kids some 20 years ago. They saw the need and market potential for an eco-friendly, extra safe and easy to own and operate tractor that had the smarts of a computer at its core. Central to its design was the software controller, able to intelligently direct the two independent drive motors and all the safety functions of the tractor. Patents for the Electric Powered Small Tractor were filed in both the U.S. and Canada.


This tractor was earthy yet revolutionary. It was a small package, but mighty. Tough, dependable, quiet, super strong and dirty cheap to operate, the Electric OX was born.

Many early customers were greenhouse vegetable growers who needed exhaust free equipment to move produce and materials around the narrow aisles of their greenhouses. They also needed the towing and pushing power of a small farm tractor. The Electric OX was emissions free, that could pull over 3.5 tons and had a steering system able to navigate the smallest spaces.

Other uses soon followed including towing people trains in theme parks quietly and fume free. The electric tractor made work more comfortable and safer for the drivers and their passengers.


Homeowners soon bought the Electric OX for managing their own property, with lawn maintenance as the prime purpose. The front deck mower with its three rotating blades, each powered by its own electrical motor, gave a superb cut.

Its versatility performed far beyond lawn care. The Electric OX was a sweeper, a grader, a snow thrower, a cart puller and more.  With the inverter outlet option, electric corded power tools could be used anywhere the OX could go. It was a 110Volt mobile power plant!


ETi is entering the final phase of development for an entirely new generation of electric tractors. The result will soon be a whole new work experience accentuated by a radically new body design.

While final prototypes are completed in the lab and pass their performance and safety tests, the assembly plant will be prepared and commissioned. First deliveries are due in 2022.

We will keep you posted here on our website.