Garden Utility Tractor

Managing home properties can call for a tractor that does more than cuts the grass. Sweep a driveway, grade a pathway, clear snow, bag leaves, haul a fully loaded wagon are other chores for a tractor.

Our Garden Utility Electric Tractor works throughout the year doing what is required by simply changing out the front-mounted attachments. If your gardening chores are multiple, then the electric tractor you have should be up to the full job.

General Specifications:


  • 2 brushless, in-wheel, independent DC motors, the output of 3kW each
  • Max Amperage 232 Amps, 48 Volts
  • Lithium-Ion batteries
  • 24:1 gear ratio
  • Max tow load of 3.2 metric tonnes/7,000 lbs.

Run Time:

  • 8 hours continuous no load, 4 hours under load
  • As quick as a 2-hour recharge time with standard Lithium-Ion battery package


  • 12 Kmph/7.2 Mph, no-load, flat surface
  • Foot Pedal speed control


  • Length:185cm/73”
  • Width: 104cm/41”
  • Turning Radius: within 3m/10’ aisle
  • Weight: 540kg/900 lbs. including batteries
  • Suspension: Spring seat

Standard Features:

  • Auto-lift Actuator for frontend attachments
  • LED Head Lights
  • LED Dashboard control panel
  • Battery charge indicator, odometer, speedometer, hour meter
  • Auto parking brake
  • Tool tote box
  • Armrests
  • Cup and clipboard holder
  • USB port plus 12 V accessory port
  • Polyprop body
  • Non-slip floor pad
  • Remote diagnostics via Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Onboard charger
  • Class 3 trailer hitch or pintle hitch

Optional Features:

  • Bumper kit
  • Mesh or Padded seat
  • Inverter AC/DC outlet for remote power source


  • 46” mower deck, 3 blades*
  • Grader blade
  • Rotary brush sweeper*
  • Snow thrower*
  • Tow hitch
  • Note: *Power for electric motors on attachments supplied by cord connection to tractor

Warranty: 3 Years limited

Price: $9,995 U.S. includes mower deck or equivalent first implement.