Garden Utility Tractor


THE ELECTRIC OX2–Garden Utility Tractor

Multi Functional: Simply Change Attachments, Not Machines

Do you need a tractor able to tackle multiple chores season in and season out? The OX2 Garden Utility Tractor can do it quietly and easily with attachments that make light of work around the home and commercial properties. If you have 1-3 acres of lawn to cut, pathways to grade, walkways to sweep, driveways to clear or material to haul, this is the model to get the job done.

Quick Attach:

The Auto Latch system means you change attachments not machines to do the next chore. In less than ONE MINUTE, you are off to the next task.

Most job specific attachments are connected out front. Should they need power for cutting blades, rotating drums or brushes, power is extended to separate electrical motors housed on the equipment via a 3 prong electrical connection from the tractor.

Better Results:

Whether it’s mowing a lawn or throwing snow from a sidewalk, having the work attachment in front of the tractor wheels improves the grip from a then cut/cleared surface. Also when a mower deck is center or rear mounted, grass is compressed by the front wheels before it is cut leaving uneven ridges in the lawn. Expect your OX2 Garden Utility Tractor to give a cleaner cut of the lawn or sweep of the driveway.

Power Where You Need It:

An optional AC Inverter supplies 110/120V outlet so that cord-bound electric tools or that sound system can be used within power cord length of the tractor.

The OX2 Garden Utility Tractor is the perfect silent, emissions-free tractor for multiple maintenance tasks.

No ear protection required by either the operator or those close by.

Take a deep breath of fresh air, job well done!