OX2 Indisbutable Advantages



All electric operation means comfort and health of the operator and those close by are greatly enhanced over internal combustion engine (ICE) tractors:

  • QUIET – 68 dBA at operator’s ear (similar to the noise of a microwave oven.
  • CLEAN – battery powered electric motors mean no choking exhaust fumes, no noxious greenhouse gases.
  • SMOOTH –NO engine heat or vibration so driver comfort is enhanced, and fatigue is lessened. The tractor is powered by busy, efficient little electrons, not pistons and valves exploding hundreds of times every minute inside an engine block.
Performance is amazing! It’s what you expect from an OX2:
  • Foremost tractors must be about traction. With push/pull ratings of 3.5 tonnes (7,700 lbs) on a flat, smooth surface, the OX2 makes light of heavy work.
  • With the unique AUTO LATCH SYSTEM it takes little time to change out an attachment. Go from mower deck to sweeper or grader in less than 1 minute.
  • With a tight turning radius hug trees and curved flower beds, spin about in narrow aisles. No wasting time trying to get out of tight situations, thanks to the independent rear drive wheels.
  • With the out-front mower deck, cutting beneath low hanging branches or plants saves the plants from damage.
  • Charge the OX2 overnight in a standard 3-prong power outlet and run it for up to 8 hours.
  • Instant start/stop operation means no delays and wasted energy warming up, idling common with diesel motors and as recommended with many gas-powered tractors.
  • Take electrical power to where you need it. – an optional AC inverter supplies 110/120V power outlet for corded electric power equipment, from tools to sound systems to lighting. In a power outage, get temporary relief for that freezer in the garage right from the tractor.

Savings mount with the more you use the OX2

  • Operating savings upwards of $3.00 per hour compared to gas powered tractors (based on only 120 hrs active use annually).
  • Because there are no engine fluids and filters nor expensive engine overhauls, regular maintenance is simply keeping the tractor nice and clean, batteries charged and topped up with water. Oh yes also keeping the tires inflated.
  • Electric motors don’t have pesky chains, belts, pulleys, spark plugs, crankshafts etc., so there is less to go wrong and less to replace.
  • The OX2 is up-gradable so spending a little to get only the features and capabilities you may want from the latest model year, you can avoid the high cost of trading up and extend the service life of your tractor. You save while enhancing the value of your tractor when it makes sense for you.


  • With an instant on/off switch for the tractor and attachments such as the cutting mower deck’s rotating blades, there is no delay when danger surfaces. Cut the switch and snap, everything stops.
  • Because there is no combustible fuel to store and handle, your insurance company doesn’t need to cover this risk and you pocket the savings.
  • With attachments out front so too is your line of sight. The OX2 has a sloping hood making is easier to see the job you are doing and trouble before it’s too late.