President’s Message

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If you already use cordless electric-powered garden tools like hedge clippers, chain saws, and push mowers, you know what to expect from our electric utility tractor at a minimum…cleaner air and quieter operation.

Today that says good things about you as a citizen and a neighbor. You care.

In response to customer demand, government regulation and advances in materials and technology, all the major players in lawn and garden power equipment at last are introducing electric powered riding mowers. While that is real progress, they still may not be offering all that you want.

If you need a tractor to do more than a great job cutting grass, then you have come to the right site. Since we introduced our first computer-controlled, Electric over 20 years ago, our ‘do more’ utility tractors won fans around the world. Having popular equipment like a mowing deck, snow thrower, driveway sweeper, grader or plough blade connected by a super easy, out-front, quick attach system offered our gardening customers a lot more than a mower and that means more return on their investment.

The Original Electric OX Tractors

With a 7,000 lb. towing capacity, our first-generation Electric OX could handle just about any ‘pull’ need in a garden setting. In fact, it was this impressive ‘tug’ power that attracted our first commercial customers. Greenhouse growers used the mighty Electric OX to haul multiple carts of produce. Soon warehouse and even theme park operators were buying our tractor to pull products and people.

Our new generation Electric OX2 will offer even more value. Its modular design means the tractor is upgradable. Because of its modular design, when a new feature becomes available and you would like to have it, you can! Whether its stronger motors, more battery power, a more comfortable seat, a different hitch…just switch it out. This will add years to the lifespan of your tractor and retain value at any point of ownership.

Think flexible, cost-effective and easy. Work effortlessly doing what needs to be done all day, all seasons with one electric vehicle, our OX2.

How soon can you be operating your own OX2?  By mid-year,2023.

We also know brilliant ideas can come from anywhere. We value hearing your.

Please use our Contact Us page to start a conversation that may lead to making our newest tractors even better for you and the planet.

Don Carr

President, Electric Tractor