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The Electric Tractor (ET) will launch two remarkable Electric OX2 tractor models in the summer 2025.

Development of our new generation electric tractor started with input from many of the over 200 owners of the original Electric OX tractor from around the globe. They want a head-turning, high-performing, multi-tasking, long-life electric tractor at the best value price. So, we have been busy developing a new generation tractor, the OX2.

Two models will soon be serving the special needs of both the indoor commercial towing and outdoor residential garden/property management markets. Whether the job calls for tugging materials around warehouses, terminals and greenhouses or a whisper-quiet tractor that performs multiple tasks around your home, the dependable Electric OX2.

The Original Electric OX Tractors

With a 7,000 lb. towing capacity, our first-generation Electric OX could handle just about any ‘pull’ need in a garden setting. In fact, it was this impressive ‘tug’ power that attracted our first commercial customers. Greenhouse growers used the mighty Electric OX to haul multiple carts of produce. Soon warehouse and even theme park operators were buying our tractor to pull products and people.

Our new generation Electric OX2 will offer even more value. Its modular design means the tractor is upgradable. Because of its modular design, when a new feature becomes available and you would like to have it, you can! Whether its stronger motors, more battery power, a more comfortable seat, a different hitch…just switch it out. This will add years to the lifespan of your tractor and retain value at any point of ownership.

Think flexible, cost-effective and easy. Work effortlessly doing what needs to be done all day, all seasons with one electric vehicle, our OX2.

OX2 Indisputable Advantages

Battery-powered means clean and quiet comfort for the OX2 driver and anyone close-by. Some of the most striking advantages over gas-powered tractors include:

QUIET – 68 dBA (like the noise of the fan in a microwave oven)
CLEAN – battery-powered electric motors mean no choking exhaust fumes, no noxious greenhouse gases.
SAFE – With an instant on/off switch for the tractor and attachments, there is no delay when danger surfaces.
NO HEAT or VIBRATION – Driver comfort during continuous use is improved and fatigue is lessened.
STEP-THROUGH EASE– An adjustable padded seat with armrests, clean LED operating status indicators on the dashboard, storage galore and the spacious flat floor means easy slide-in/slide-out, all making the driving experience a joy.

Performance Plus

TOUGH ON WORK, EASY ON YOU– Foremost, tractors are about traction. With PUSH/PULL RATINGS of 3.2 tonnes (7,000 lbs.), the OX2 makes light of heavy work.

With its TIGHT TURNING RADIUS hug curved flower beds, spin about in warehouse aisles, and avoid wasted time trying to get out of tight situations, thanks to the independent rear drive wheels.

With the OUT-FRONT MOWER DECK, cutting beneath low hanging branches or along fence lines is easy and fast.

RECHARGE THE OX2 in a matter of hours using a standard 3-prong 110/120V AC power outlet.

INSTANT START/STOP OPERATION means no delays and wasted energy warming up, idling on the job, or before shut-off (commonly recommended with diesel and gas-powered tractors.

TAKE ELECTRICAL POWER TO WHERE YOU NEED IT. An optional AC inverter supplies 110/120V power outlets for any corded power tools and appliances. Very handy too in a power outage for critical power needs.

Measuring Real Value

Homeowners needing a tractor that is both multi-season and multi-purpose will see savings from a tractor that can do so much more than just cut grass. The OX2 used just 4 hours a week, will save hundreds of dollars in operating costs each year over gas-powered tractors.

The OX2 towing model is ideal for warehouses, terminals, nurseries, auto service centers, resorts, and greenhouse operators can expect savings from lower running costs compared to a gas-powered tow tractor. Operating savings over 2 years of use can exceed the purchase price of the OX2 towing unit.

The OX2 is built to last. With its modular design, upgrades are a simple way to extend the service life of the unit. Every year that an owner can delay the purchase of a new tractor means the money in the bank. With lower running and maintenance costs along the way, owning the OX2 makes sound financial sense.

The right tractor decision for the job and for the environment can also be the right economic choice. That’s real OX2 ‘value’!

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