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Electric Tractor Inc. (ETi) is a private corporation registered in Ontario, Canada with a 30 year success record in electronic research and development. The Company is entering the final phase of development of the all new Electric OX2 line-up.

Recent investment has focused design engineering of a new generation of the electric tractor built on the strengths of the original Electric OX while applying the latest technology. The result is a whole new work experience accentuated by a radically new body design.

While final prototypes are completed in the lab and pass their performance and safety tests, the assembly plant will be prepared and commissioned. First deliveries will follow soon after. Current projections are early 2019.

We will keep you posted here on our website.

Two models of the OX2 will soon be serving the special needs of both the commercial and residential markets. Whether the job calls for the simple and hard pull and tow work in warehouses, terminals and greenhouses (our eTow model) or a whisper quiet tractor that will perform multiple tasks around the property of homes, estates, institutions and public spaces (our eTasker model), the dependable Electric OX is back and better than ever, in both form and function .