President’s Message

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You may be following with the same level of enthusiasm and expectation we are experiencing at Electric Tractor Inc., the announcements by progressive governments of their plans to have all new cars emission-free. For Norway and the Netherlands it’s 2025. For U.K. it’s 2040. Here is a surprise…India by 2030! The shift to on-road electric vehicles is picking up momentum with all the major vehicle manufacturers now carrying e-vehicle lines.  As Bob Dylan noted in his 60’s hit, “The Times They Are A-Changin”.


While the off-road world has had specialty electric-powered work forklifts and tugs for decades, electric powered agricultural and utility tractors are a long way from the showrooms, let alone the job site. MTD’s Cub Cadet RTZ was the latest electric riding lawn mower to make a splash in the media. As impressive as the brochures and videos show it to be, try to demo one let alone buy one. Could it be that the traditional internal combustion engine tractor manufacturers continue to lack the motivation to invest in electric power trains until they have no choice? We believe market ‘pull’ is strengthening its demand for clean, quiet, high performance, low maintenance, long-life electric utility tractors. We are powering up for you.

To date all our development financing has been sourced internally. Government R&D grants and ‘angel’ investors are about to carry us through our current prototype development stage.  A first round private financing will soon be underway to fund manufacturing start-up and market development. In 2019 it will be our turn to make a ’splash’ and deliver the OX2 to anxiously waiting, soon to be e-tractor customers.

Quietly, over the last two years ETi has been busy as beavers working towards the transformation of the original Electric OX into the remarkable, state-of-the-art small electric utility vehicle.

Once launch financing is in place, we will post how to purchase the electric OX2, direct from the factory. Want us to keep you apprised of our progress? Please complete the Contact Us form.

Whatever chores you face that call for the strength of an ox (without the annoying emissions common to gas-powered tractors and its animal namesake), we will give you an OX2 option that will put more joy into your job, whether operator or owner.

Don Carr

President, ETi