Customer Defined Innovation

As word spread about this fantastic ‘little electric tractor that could’, customers contributed their own ideas. They wanted more capability. They asked for work equipment to be out front where the operators could better see what was happening, be it sweeping a convention center floor, mowing a lawn or grading a gravel path. Customers wanted interchangeable attachments. Thanks to a remarkable auto-latch system for the front-mount implements, the birth of a true utility, multi-purpose tractor arrived. Switching equipment was as easy as lining-up the tractor’s latching arms with the equipment and locking it in place controlled by a button on the driver’s console.

Customers saw the potential in the tractor becoming a mobile electric power source. The 110V/120V outlet became a popular option so electrical power tools from drills to hedge clippers to lighting could work anywhere the Electric OX could go.

So many of the best advances started with input from our customers. Now it’s part of our business model. We call it “Customer Defined Innovation” (CDI).